Being a DJ since 1996 and a producer since 2004, the DJIGSAW style has changed over time but it never left the housy and techy area. Being influenced by clubbing in Munich at locations such as Ultraschall, Natraj Temple, Babylon („Space Night“) and Heizkraftwerk DJIGSAW was always about electronic music in all its different styles. The „DJIgsaw“ DJ part goes from upfront progressive sounds to 120bpm relaxed and deep stuff. I love classical music as much as cheesy Trance music or upfront Techno or even Hardcore, Dubstep, Metal, Punk, Breakbeats or freaky Electronica – always depending on my mood and the party I DJ at – and therefore my musical „bandwidth“ is nearly limitless and has no boundaries except the „crap boundary“ – no one likes crap music.

I can and will play anything suiting the current musical and people-related situation I am in, but I do love to creatively surprise people by shocking them with edits, mixings/mashups, blendings and songs in general that no one would really expect in the usually fitting context of a normal club set. This allows me to constantly keep people fresh and attentive and interested in what I do as a DJ.

My deepest love and passion however lies with the Techno/Techhouse genres. If booked as a DJ I do prefer to play from deep house to techno. I love the deepness, twists and little bits, sounds, shapes, swipes and beats that make this music so creative and universal.

I can play nearly every genre to a certain extent which allows me to be booked for Rock parties, 80s events, Chillout Lounge appearances and German „Schlager Parties“ as much as for Techno events, Trance nights or afterhours. As a DJ these days I experienced the fact that if you are widely capable of playing anything you get confronted with it helps to stay open minded, boosts your creativity and you don’t get bored with DJing the same stuff every weekend.


The production alter ego is diferent to the DJ „DJIgsaw“. I only produce music I really enjoy listening to, playing out and creating. I do not jump genres while working on a song and I do my own mastering. There will always be a certain amount of melody in my tracks. As much as I tried in the past to do straight techno and minimal tracks, I always ended up putting some melodic touches to the arrangements. In 2011 I „morphed“ from being a stand-alone-producer to a fan of collaborations and luckily I found a very talented person named „TomPad“ (also known as Klangfalle), who was kind enough to willingly form the project „LT Synthesis“ with me. We released our first EP this summer (2011) and we will certainly get back together. In the meantime we separately produce our own material and we remix each others tracks to ensure a maximum of creativity, input and quality.



Pioneer DDJ-ERGO
MacBook Air 13,3″
External Harddrive
KaossPad 2